Hello.  My name is David and I'm an incorrigible polymath.


a shameful thing to confess.  And confusing?!  OMFG!

Some days I'm a visual guy, wielding my Nikon D800 to create photographic and mixed media art and décor, or just as a way to get the juices flowing, as a source of inspiration.


Then you see me walk into the revolving door, there's a blip in the continuity, and I'm walking out of the revolving door again, this time as a wordsmith and literary guy. 


Mostly I'm honing my wit on the whetstone of my personal and satirical blog, A Slow, Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other Observations) which I've been writing since 2014 (how long ago that sounds now...).

I mean, I was never not kind of witty. I mean, I'm gay! But the interesting thing is that you can take something you do naturally, break it down, take it apart, study it, then reassemble it and you'll end up with a vastly broader understanding, plus the ability to call up that wit when you like.


In other words, you'll have a consistently reliable skill. You've made the transition from amateur to pro.


merch.  The merch you see on this site is often inspired by the obsessions, confessions and satirical sessions found on my blog.  

It's not exactly a side hustle. I pay lots of attention. I design everything you find here, agonizing and revising through countless iterations until I'm happy.  


It's just that I don't think of myself as an entrepreneur, basically. I'm a writer and an artist and a lily of the field.

And although I hope the merch you find here will strike you as delightfully unique, I hope even more that you will be delighted enough to take out that credit card, Murgatroyd McGraw! and purchase something.

Because this merch is here in its quirky, niche-appeal sort of way specifically to remind you of, and help you show your support for, my writing /my blog. 

every purchase you make on this site you are helping to support me and my creative work.


Your support helps me:


pay rent
buy food

purchase art and printer supplies

pay for web hosting plus Internet

pay for SaaS, such as Adobe Creative Cloud

and helps me take care of countless other major and minor expenses.

I am so grateful for your support!


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