Future Progressive is your source for progressive-themed merch, from apparel to household items and decor.  Sometimes we're silly, and sometimes we're serious.  But 100% of the time we stand for liberal values and strive to be warriors for social justice.

Manifesto: Our aim is to encourage progressives everywhere to flaunt their liberal credentials and make a positive statement—whether it's thought-provoking, philosophical, tongue-in-cheek, or downright cheeky.

Too often progressives have been complacent and reactive. Not anymore. No longer will we be bit players in someone else's narrative. From now on, the narrative is ours.

This site started as a side gig to the meat and potatoes of our blog:  at SlowPainful.com


We make every effort to source items which are manufactured responsibly and sustainably, by workers who are paid fair wages and enjoy a good workplace standard.  

All merch on this site was written, devised and designed by David Roddis, so please, give him a round of applause.

David Roddis is an incorrigible polymath from Toronto, Canada. 

Since  2014 he's regaled the world with his pungent wit and distinctive voice on his personal / political blog, "A Slow Painful Death Would Be Too Good for You (and Other observations)."

His hilarious book of the same name showcases his best work from the first years of his blog as well as completely new material.

David's other LOB is Florian Art and Decor, through which he provides custom designed artworks, fabrics, and objets d'art, all with a floral theme.  

David is an accomplished photographer and classical pianist, which takes care of any leisure time that might one day occur.