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Gather ‘round, peeps,

for some sparkling, startling lessons in old-school fabulousness, including a bitch-slap from Big Gay Pope David; a breathtaking ride on a “Gigolo;” and even a photography master class with that insufferable Canadian superstar and adulte terrible David DeLaRoddis,“The Guy With The Eye.”


In this debut collection of personal essays — a veritable treasure trove of bons mots and quirky alter egos, as well as a tongue-in-cheek memoir and a rallying cry of solidarity — David Roddis aims his wry, devastating wit at Canadian and U.S. politics, pineapple Freezies and just about everything in between, not sparing himself a few self-deprecating jabs in the process.


Blending sixty-plus years of defiant survival into vintage Champagne, and with a voice that runs the gamut from caustic to camp, satirical to (almost) lyrical, Roddis ultimately reminds us that,


however desperate  the situation may appear,
it’s never  serious.


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