Goes to the Beach:



What‘s light-hearted, not too demanding, cheap, and perfect for lazy summer days?

Well, yes, the guy you hired from, but besides him?  

Why, The Book, of course!  If you‘re tired of dropping “Moby Dick” on your face as you nod off, read on:

Gather ‘round, peeps,

for some sparkling, startling lessons in old-school fabulousness, including a bitch-slap from Big Gay Pope David; a breathtaking ride on a “Gigolo;” and even a photography master class with that insufferable Canadian superstar and adulte terrible David DeLaRoddis,“The Guy With The Eye.”

David Roddis's debut collection of unruly essays

oversteps all boundaries with its snarky humor, eccentric alter egos and rueful reflections on Canadian and American politics, pineapple Freezies, and just about everything in between. 


With sparkling prose that often brings to mind the style of Quentin Crisp and which runs the gamut from caustic to camp, lyrical to hysterical, Roddis ultimately reminds us that,


however desperate the situation might be—it's NEVER serious!

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FIRST PUBLISHED:  2018 Second Edition (enhanced/updated): 2020 ISBN: 978-1-387-66961-5  FORMAT: EPUB VIEW WITH: Google Chrome; Microsoft Edge; Apple Safari and most e-readers.  I also recommend the FREE open-source e-book viewer Calibre.