Holy posing pouch! 

Wanting to create a unique design for the bachelor about town (wink), I couldn't resist paying homage to those 1950's male physique mags that Rod and Ed—your unmarried uncle and his "special friend"—used to hide under the mattress.

With its neuresthenic color scheme and bold cry of "beefcake," this shower curtain will lend a bijoux hint of closet to your bathroom and is bound to become a camp, not to mention, splashy, classic.  Now, don't forget to drop the soap, will ya?

"Oversexed" Decadent Pastel Edition.

.: 100% Polyester
.: One size: 71" × 74"
.: 12 stitch-enforced buttonholes
.: One-sided print
.: NB! Hooks not included

Beefcake: "Glory of the Male Physique" (Oversexed Decadent Pastels edition)

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