Our oversized Weekender Tote

is perfect for hectic days at the beach—or lazy weekdays in town, calling in sick to work so you can —go to the beach!

The wide-mouthed, durable bag holds a generous amount of white wine coolers, condoms, and trashy chick-lit paperbacks—and sports the kind of must-have, thick rope handles that Chanel turned down as too in-your-face.

And the slogan? It comes from Nancy Mitford's delightful book Love in a Cold Climate, in which two young upper-crust girls "exclaim" with envy and approval whenever they come to visit.  Likewise, your friends will exclaim, when they see your gorgeous tote,

"Susan's tote!  So capacious!  And the colors—! Lots of blue, I call that a dream! And the rope handle—! With gold grommets— ! Oh, Susan, you are lucky!  Why can't I be you?"

If only your name were Susan, right?


.: 100% Spun Polyester
.: Cream sheeting interior lining
.: One size: 24" x13" (60.9 cm x 33 cm)

The "Y KANT IBU" Weekender Bag (blue)

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